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Couple of days ago on Microsoft Virtual Academy was published deep dive course about Hyper-V in upcoming Windows Server 2016 (about 6 hours of great content). The course is led by Matt McSpirit – Technical Evangelist at Microsoft (@mattmcspirit) and Ben Armstrong (@VirtualPCGuy) – Principal Program Manager Lead on the core virtualization team at Microsoft. I just done it and it’s awesome! I highly recommend it! 🙂 What you learn in this course:

  • Learn about Hyper-V and how the new release forms the Microsoft Datacenter Platform foundation.
  • Explore recommended resources to help you continue your learning around Windows Server 2016.
  • Learn how Windows Server and Hyper-V Containers differ from VMs and how to put them to use.
  • Find out how you can seamlessly upgrade to the next version of Windows Server.
  • Learn about Hyper-V features that now light up with Linux guests.
  • Learn about new features that provide increased redundancy and improved availability.
  • Explore a number of new Hyper-V and Windows Server 2016 features that make an IT Pro’s life easier.
  • Learn about isolation capabilities which can help protect against malware.
  • Explore some of the new and powerful Windows Server 2016 virtual machine (VM) security capabilities.
  • Explore a new Windows Server deployment option, Nano Server, and how it is used as a Hyper-V host.
  • Explore some of the improvements which help ensure that Hyper-V operates better at scale.

See the course on MVA – Windows Server 2016: Virtualization Deep Dive

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